The Influence of Social Media Networking

Social Media seems to be what is on the minds of the younger generations these days. In fact, according to 79% of internet users use Facebook alone. That doesn’t even include other social medias such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Pinterest.

There are three reasons people market on social media. To entertain, to inform, and to connect. Depending on the user they may rely heavily on one of these more than the rest, but since I am a 19-year-old, I am going to focus on my age group. My age group mostly uses social media to connect and to entertain. So, how do we use Instagram to connect and entertain?

There are many ways you can connect with others on Instagram. You can follow your friends or even some companies or sports teams you like. This allows you to see all their posts, in which their goal is to entertain you. You can also connect by tagging people in post whether it’s a picture of you and your friend and you tag them in it and you can Buy Active Instagram Followers to tag more people, or it’s a professional photo and you tag the photographer. The biggest way though, that you can connect with people are by hashtags. Yes, hashtags can be fun and can add that special something everyone is looking for in a caption, but they can also connect you to a whole new society. Think about it. You may have an unique hashtag, but with how many people there are in this world, you’re bound to run into another post with that same hashtag. That’s why companies use them so much in multiple different posts. If you were to use a hashtag and then click on it, it’ll pop up any other post on Instagram that has used that same hashtag, connecting you to a whole new community. You may or may not be talking about the same thing, but it connects you in the fact that whatever you and someone else with that same hashtag are posting about are related in some way.

Connections and entertainment aren’t the easiest things to know about. I believe we like to simplify things way too much, because as you read above, connecting on social media goes way beyond sending a friend request or following someone. That goes for entertaining your followers too. There are many ways that you can entertain your followers and keep them interested in your posts.

When posting a photo on Instagram you need to think about the aesthetics of the photo. What colors are being used? Is it symmetrical or asymmetrical? Does it lead your eyes to the main point of the photo? Those are just some questions you need to be asking yourself before you post another photo. When it comes to color in a photo our eyes generally go towards the primary colors, which are red, blue and yellow, so, if you want to do a color pop in a black and white photo where only one color stands out, make sure it’s one of those. But, in the case where you want to use a colored photo try to use a color scheme. Most people are appealed to complementary colors, for example red and green are complementary colors along with purple and yellow and then blue and orange. This is perfect to remember when the holiday season is coming up and you need to post something about Christmas. Another huge point is, is your photo easy on the eyes? Meaning, can your eyes flow from one thing to the next. Don’t over complicate your photos. It gives the eyes too much to look at and it strains the eyes causing the viewer to get agitated and move on to the next post. In your photo make sure the eyes can lead from one thing to the next, preferably in a circle, that way it’s a never-ending cycle of looking at your post.

When posting on Instagram keep these tips in mind. Remember to always try to use at least one hashtag that way you’re connected to a bigger community, tag people in posts, use colors that are appealing to the eye and never over complicate the photo. We love simplistic things.