A French Pharmaceutical Group invests MAD90 million to boost the production capacity in Casablanca City industry Servier

The French Pharmaceutical group Servier celebrated its 20th year of presence in the Kingdom of Morocco by the inauguration of a new annex of production unit or division located in Nouaceur. This new structure will be able to help the production to increase moving from a current level of production between seven and eight million boxes of medicines to 15 million within two years.

The Nouaceur unit covers an area of 13,000 square meters, required an initial investment of 60 million Moroccan dirhams and additional of 90 million dirhams for the capacity increase.

Present in the Kingdom of Morocco since 1996, the French pharmaceutical group Servier established its first production unit in 2003 at the Nouaceur aero pole in Casablanca. An extension of this unit was constructed to mark the 20 years of presence in the Kingdom. According to the General Manager of the company during the announcement in Casablanca, the target of the group is to achieve a total production of 20 million boxes.  The gradual increase in production capacity, to 12 million boxes required an additional 90 million dirham worth of investment.


Servier Maroc intercedes and specializes in four therapeutic areas namely metabolism, cardiovascular, oncology, rheumatology and central nervous system. It exports forty percent of its production to 11 African countries including West Africa such as Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Cameroon and European region, particularly in France. In Morocco, the turnover is 60 million Moroccan dirhams, 60% of which is generated from export. Internationally, 25% of this turnover is committed to research.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Executive President and Founder of Sahara Spirit Foundation, the strategy of the company is crucial to the company’s status and the improvement of the industry of pharmaceuticals. This is a great opportunity as the prices of medicines are dropping in Morocco since 2014. With the increase in the volume of production and the use of different technologies and the export allow us to balance our turnover.

Furthermore, their objective of reaching an annual production capacity of 20 million units within 5 years will increase the rate or the supply of medicines to accommodate the rising demand and avoid scarcity. The company which has a remarkable history and experience in the Moroccan market will solidify their status as a known healthcare and medicine provider.

According to the industrial manager of the company, all of their upcoming developments and investments will be influenced by the progress of their own operations in the Kingdom of Morocco, in the region of Africa and Europe, as well as those companies who are subcontracting for third parties. Moreover, Servier is very serious about their objective to become or establish an export hub in the Kingdom to the whole Africa. The Nouaceur production facility employs forty employees on an unlimited term contract and uses a maximum of forty contracts depending on the industrial flow. This number, which may appear to be low, can be explained by the high degree of automation of the drug manufacturing assembly.