Do all the users love Facebook reactions?

Facebook is a for-profit corporation which provides online social media services to users. Facebook launched its services on February 4, 2004. Founder of this social channel is Mark Zuckerberg. Initially, membership of this social media platform was limited to students of Harvard University. But later, services have expanded to the entire world. Facebook updates its features based on the ideas generation of its employees to capture users’ attraction.

Reactions feature

Recently, Facebook has introduced the feature of reactions to its users worldwide. This feature includes an extension to the like button for Facebook posts. Now people can choose among different six reactions instead of a simple like for posts. These reactions include like, love, wow, sad and angry. Now people can react to a Facebook post more significantly.

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Why the change?

The question is raised why Facebook had introduced this feature when there was already like button to react on the post. This question is answered by product design director of Facebook. He said that every shared content on Facebook does not need a simple like.

Some posts require something beyond this simple like, but people cannot do that because of limited services of Facebook. He demonstrated an example of the death of your friend’s dog. He said that you could not explain your emotions in a single like.

Similarly when people used to post photos on Instagram, abbreviations like ROFL, LMAO and LOL were seen common. People just like this change and buy Instagram followers from this link to get more comments on their photos like Facebook and on Instagram.

You need to react according to your emotion arousal. You can react by being sad and react accordingly. In this way, there are several other events and activities which require something beyond liking. We cannot limit these things to liking.

How does it work?

Facebook updates its features automatically. Users do not need to upgrade their features accordingly. Facebook has introduced new reaction button which shows six emotions. This feature is available to every Facebook user in the world. There is no need to enable their functionality. These emotions are very simple to use. You need to hover the cursor over like button of a Facebook post. This like button is a traditional button on Facebook. But now this reveals new six emotions such as angry, sad, wow, like, ha-ha and love. You need to hold your finger on a like button by tapping it. After doing it, six emotions will appear, and you can react according to your feelings for that particular post.

Many conclusions can draw about people perception by this feature of Facebook. Facebook announced that people react to a post which they like more than another post of simple like. They want to see more of such types of posts.

Users’ suggestions for reaction feature

Users of Facebook have responded differently for this new feature of Facebook. Some users like it while other do not. They give their opinions according to their perception. Some people think that this is not fruitful to show their emotions. They think that they cannot express their emotions for some posts on Facebook even after the introduction of this service to users. They need to limit their behavior to express their emotions. Such people think that it is not good. On the other hand majority of people like it because they need it. They need to express their emotions for activities and events of their friends and fellows.

So, the majority of users on Facebook like this new feature because they can use these emotions differently.