Corner Storage Bench Saving Solution


Corner Storage Bench – A corner storage bench offers a great use of corner space if one uses it as a place to sit and put on winter boots or something to stuff with toys in a child’s room. Corner storage banks also have a lasting value as permanent fixtures in your home. On a sheet of 4 by 8 feet of standard plywood should be sufficient. The project will take only a few hours of your day. Cut the sheet of plywood 2 by 2 feet diagonally, from corner to corner.

The two resulting triangles will be the top and bottom of the corner storage bench. Make a 45-degree cutoff at the 20-inch 2 by 2 with the table saw, fence and push stick, producing two triangular 20-inch plates. On both sheets of 24-by-20-inch plywood, bevel the 20-inch sides by cutting them at a 45-degree angle with the table saw. Do not alter the original measurements. Make sure that only the corners are removed. Match the 20-inch beveled side of a 24-inch blade on the 20-inch side of the 34-inch blade.

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The edge that has just been cut should be lying on the 34-inch blade, forming a 45-degree angle flush. Screw the sheet of plywood from 24 inches to the 34-inch sheet with the triangular board 20 inches in the inner corner of the corner storage bench. Repeat this process on the other side with the second sheet of 24 by 20 inches.

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