Hanging a House Number Plaque


The house number plaque gives your home a more beautiful look while making it easier for guests and service workers to locate you. Although it’s easy to nail as house number plaque for a home with wooden exterior walls, you need more hardware if you hang on one on vinyl. Choose vinyl hooks, which are made to keep items in your home without damaging sideways. They are easy to remove when done, and they distribute the weight of the object evenly on sideways.

Ideas for hanging a house number plaque. Look for vinyl segments where you want to hang your plaque. Vinyl sideways connects, and there is a place where the gaskets fit together. Locate the top of your vinyl hook. The top is indicated by a lip that is made to slide between the vinyl cladding segments. Press the vinyl side rail hook to the top of your chosen vinyl segment to push it between the gaskets and secure it by pushing it flat against the wall.

Then for hanging a house number plaque. Hang the supplied S-hooks from the holes if you have a vinyl sidetrack hook that is a hole with a hole punched in it. By now, you can hang plaques from the S-hook. Other types of hooks have L-shaped bases and do not require hooks. Instead, you can simply hang plaques from the bottom of L.

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