How to Fix the Roof Rails To Decorative Wall Plates


Decorative wall plates – Fixing roof tiles for a wall plate requires a small amount of carpentry knowledge, such as the ability to read a tape measure and drive a corner handle. Otherwise, setting roof tiles on wall tiles can be made by the average do-it-yourself, usually within one to two days, depending on the size and scope of the project.


Measure from one end of the decorative wall plates, marking pencil lines of 60 cm (24 inch) increments until you reach the end. These marks will represent the center of the rooftop. Using a speed square, square the marks across the wall plate and place an X on the markings. This will be called center marks. But do not place an X. This line represents the outer edge of the rooftop. Place the bottom of the truss on the wall plate, aiming the left edge of the truss with edge markings emitted on the wall plate for adjustment. Make sure that the roof rack is positioned correctly on each side of the wall panels.

Map in a 6 cm (3 1/2 inches) by spike truss base where it puts on the plate. Insert an additional nail on the opposite side of the craft, next to the previous nail. Repeat on the opposite wall, and continue to put trusses until you reach the end of the decorative wall plates. Attach the hurricane band to the roof tops where they attach to wall panels. Attach the straps to the trays with short strap nails and then to the wall plate. These tires will help keep the roofs under heavy winds down.

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