Ideas for Build Pallet Flooring


Pallet flooring – If you want to make a difference in the interior of the house, a stage in the garage or simply a floor in the garden to keep the terrace set isolated from dirt and humidity, do not hesitate to do it with pallets. Get pallets, as many as you need for the space you have available in the garden. Here it is important that you select pallets that have the slats very close together, otherwise, if they are separated, you will have to go separating other pallets to cover the spaces that are empty, which is much more work. In this case, 6 old pallets have been selected, all of the same size and with more or less joint in the joints. Nothing happens; the important thing is to arrange those with the louvers closer together in the central part, where the furniture should go, since they should rest on a surface as smooth and without joints as possible.

Prepare the surface of the garden where you will place the pallet flooring. If it is very irregular, or it is usually very humid, have blocks or bricks where each corner of the pallet will rest. If, for example, there are 6 pallets, you will need 24 blocks or bricks that you will level so that the ground is as straight as possible.

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Ideas for build pallet flooring. Position the pallets unevenly. This effect will be great for the floor. Sand and brush thoroughly, and select the color you want for the pallet. My recommendation is that you bear in mind that it is soil, that is, a surface that is going to be stepped on and, therefore, dirty. Choose colors that are not suffered: forget about white, black or bright colors. Bet on grays, beiges, the natural color of the pallet … etc. and do not forget to apply an anti-mold, if you are going to be very willing to rain. Once the pallets are placed on the blocks or bricks, start decorating to your liking.

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