Renovate an L Shaped Kitchen


L shaped kitchen should look wonderful from all angles, but it should also work well as a cooking space. Go over many ideas in kitchen remodeling books and newspapers before making choices for your L-shaped kitchen design. Tour new homes for sale, if possible, to see what is popular in today’s market.


Measure all kitchen space, and sketch each facade. Design a pair of extra-large windows on one or both exterior walls as an L shaped kitchen can be small and dark. Draw a bird’s eye view layout as well. Plan the new area around the sink location. Install the sink under a large window, if possible, to create the right atmosphere. Imagine how you will work at the counter space to figure out the dishwasher location and cupboard near the sink.

Plan the kitchen triangle. Calculate how to put the refrigerator, sink and cooktop top into a triangular pattern with just two or three steps between them. Build an island facing the sink as an option to install boil. Look at other options, if necessary, for example placing the sink in the corner of the L shaped kitchen with the top cooker to the left of the sink and the refrigerator to the right of the sink. Create a design for cabinets, countertops and lighting. For example, use darker wood cabinet on the bottom and lightweight cabinet on top if the L-shaped kitchen is small. Use lighter cabinets and paint on the upper half of the room to make it seem more spacious. Planning to install track lighting that directs light to all parts of space. Add recessed lighting over the island bar.

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