Step By Step to Place a Garage Bike Rack


Garage bike rack – Placing a garage bike rack to store your bicycle, is the briconsejo of masonry that we bring you in this Bricomania program. Step 1, once have decided on your location, present the support and mark the fixing points on the ground. Step 2, remove the metal piece and make the holes using the drill and a widia bit. Step 3, remove the dust produced with a vacuum cleaner, with special emphasis on the holes.

Step 4 to place a garage bike rack, make some holes of greater thickness in the support. So that when tied to the ground, the head of the screws is well embedded. Step 5, we are going to use these with mushroom heads, whose flat surface makes it difficult for them to be loosened. Step 6, if we used other models like this hexagonal head screw, it would be easier to release them. Step 7, it is the turn of the chemical block.

We put the mixing cannula in the cartridge nozzle, place the cartridge in the gun and press until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Next, insert the nozzle to the bottom of the holes and fill them. Step 8, with the product still fresh, position the garage bike rack and insert the screws, turning them to avoid air bubbles. Last, once the product has hardened, we can use it, we will have finished placing a garage bike rack. Thanks to this practical and resistant stand bike rack, we can lock our bicycles in an orderly and safe way.

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