To Make Wood Pendant Light


Wood pendant light – To make wood pendant light, starting with turn your wooden bowl so it sits on its edges. Drill a hole in the center of the bottom of your bowl. Sand or file away rough edges around the hole. String the thread end of your lamp wire through the circle you drilled with your bowl shadow’s opening turns away from the plug end of your lamp cord. Thread your metal rod into the wire. Pull your bowl shadow and metal rod down the length of your lamp wire. So you can easily work with your lamp’s cable wires.

Clamp your stripping bar head around your lamp wire end wood pendant light, about 1-inch from the end. Remove wire insulation around this last centimeter wire. Thread both wires you just exposed through the top of your power jacket. Use your needle nose pliers; wrap each wire around one of your connector’s two screws. Wrap the cables in opposite directions. Cover remaining exposed threads in the shrink flex. Shrink the hose using your hot gun or hair dryer

Pull your metal rod and shade down on top of your finished base and cord combination. The metal rod will separate your shadow. And plug of an inch. Hang your wood pendant light with two hooks. Screw a hook in a stall in your ceiling and another in the ceiling right next to the wall as well as just over a wall outlet. Thread your lamp is the wire through the first hook to suspend your lamp and Corral the remaining wire through the other hook.Pendant light cable clamp,

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