Tree Branch Chandelier Rustic Style Ceiling Lamp


Tree Branch Chandelier – He does not go beyond the rustic style lamps with lamps made with tree branches. But also in this type of lamps, we can find a very wide proposal. As we have been finding in many DIY lamp proposals, natural materials with much appreciated, for this type of lamps. But there are many models of lamps made with tree branches that go beyond manual lamps. What the branches of the trees have is that there are usually not two of the same.

Today we show you how to make a tree branch chandelier with a tree branch to give an original touch to your home. Prepare all the necessary material to make your lamp: electric cable, rope, bulbs, tools and a tree branch to place all the bulbs. Unscrew the bulb holder with a screwdriver and connect the cables. With the rope, hang the branch of the roof, making sure it is well centered and perfectly straight. Start wrapping the branch with the rope and light bulb wires, placing them around the branch well distributed.

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Now place the electric cables on the roof, as you see in the picture, with the help of an electrical installation. Even the most classic version of tree branch chandelier, such as chandeliers, can have its natural version. A careful and spectacular composition a tree trunk combined with multiple crystal pendants can become the star of the room in the same way as the most classic chandelier.

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