Wall Painting for Living Room Ideas


Living room ideas – Many living rooms suffer from boring paintings. Add a little spice to your walls with just paint. Stencils, faux finish and high contrast colors will really decorate your space for less than you would think. A few paint ideas for living rooms will help you get started with your painting project.

One of the most common ways to add a little interest in the living room ideas is to add an accent wall. Paint all but one of the walls in your living room in the same color. Try to keep the main paint color in the room rather calm and neutral. On the last unpainted wall, choose a color that says wow. Painting a wall in your room a bold color like red or orange will really decorate your living room without overwhelming it.

Faux finish can create a dusty look in your living room ideas. Use mushrooms, rags, bags, or rolls to create the look of wood, denim, stone, or suede on your walls. Painters can be rented to complete a faux finish, and there are many off-the-shelf kits that homeowners can buy to complete themselves. Some types of faux finish like granite or marble require a lot of game. Other types just require a sponge and some paint and can be easily filled in just a few hours.

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